Thursday, May 5, 2011

New pick up - Brett Gardner Rookie

With no real concrete collecting goals as of late other than hoarding Yankee cards, I was mindlessly surfing eBay and came across a Brett Gardner rookie from Bowman. It ended up being a cheap pick-up, and I can't help but relate it to Gardner's career thus far. He was a 2005 third round draft pick after walking on to the baseball team at College of Charleston, climbing the org latter and eventually winning a place in the Yankee outfield. It's an aggressive outlook, but the past two years he's really been Carl Crawford-lite...or this year Carl Crawford heavy. He gets on base at high clip, sees a lot of pitches, and can swipe a bag. Not to mention he plays a great LF. While there are better all-around players in the bame, he fits the Yankees well and it's nice to have an effective young player making six figures to help offset the dudes making eight figures.

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