Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

My mom will never read my blog. She has no clue how to turn on the computer, let along go to a web page. However, I just wanted to take the chance to thank her for everything. She drove me to many soccer, basketball and baseball games. She made me many, many home-cooked meals that went under-appreciated. She did my laundry. To this day, I still can't get my socks as soft as she always did.

And she always, always got my me packs of cards. Everytime she went to CVS, she usually came back with a pack for me. If she needed me to watch my sisters while she was out, a pack was always the payment. Straight A's? A few packs. Finishing first in my class in 8th grade? That netted me a box of 1998 Stadium Club baseball cards. In 5th grade we had a Valentine's Day party in my classroom. She was a chaperone, and when she came in with treats for everyone, she gave me a toploader with two cards in it - Fleer rookie cards of Glenn Robinson and Jason Kidd. She went to the card shop that day and somehow picked out those two for me, as they were hot cards at the time. It's things like that I'll never forget.

Thanks for everything, Mom. I kove you! Have a great day!

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