Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CC Topps 60 Relic - red?

I submitted a low bid on eBay for a CC Sabathia Topps 60 Relic and I won it for like $1.12 shipped. I didn't think it would hold up...I put in the bid with like 6 days left in the auction and never checked again, but somehow I got it. Who knows? Stupidly, I already had this card, but with a road gray jersey swatch. However, this card has a red mesh swatch.

I wish Topps was more specific other than "Game Used Memorabilia." I'm assuming that this is from All Star Weekend in Anaheim last year, but the players wear the colored jerseys on work-out day, not for the game. So, really it's not "game used." There is a possibility that this could have come from a spring training jersey when CC was an Indian, but Robinson Cano also has a Topps 60 Relic swatch in red. What do you guys think?

Also, do you think CC has more red jersey pieces because his jersey is the size of all the other guys combined?


  1. (practice) game used definitely, or topps could have mixed up the relics. maybe it was supposed to go in a red sox card? haha :/

  2. I have a Torii Hunter with the red mesh. I assumed it was from his Angels jersey, but it may have been all-star related.

  3. Damn, you already said the too big jersey joke I was going to go with.

    I miss the old days of Donruss and Fleer when they put a picture of the item before cutting on the back. I have a red Rockies jersey (Larry Walker I think) and it took me a while to figure out what it was from (All Star).

  4. Would it have killed Topps to make that part of an All-star relic set? It looks ridiculous with the road gray uni depicted on the card.

  5. i will buy the red relic off your price