Friday, May 20, 2011

My Derek Jeter Painting - Part II

Now that I’ve shared my Jeter painting, I wanted to see how it would look as baseball card. I love the painted sets, partly because I appreciate how difficult it is to truly capture a player's likeness and motion. I’m sure it would look best in the National Chicle design, as it has the same type of feel as one of those renderings. However, I got up the nerve to reach out to Jason from The Writer’s Journey and see if he could spare some time and drop my Jeter into the Gypsy Queen look. If you haven’t been to his site lately, Jason has been designing incredible customs of (mostly) Reds players who weren’t included in the set. Definitely go check it out. Jason was incredibly nice and offered his assistance and his time to help with my request.

Here is how it came out. I was sure that the horizontal look was going to work best, but without a doubt the vertical is the winner:

Jason, these came out great. Thank you so much for helping me out with these!

I also used that Topps online program to drop it into a 2011 look – or at least an iteration of it.

So what do you think? How does my painting compare with the artists of National Chicle? I say no, it doesn’t compare in the least. But this was still fun and I look forward to doing another Yankees painting quite soon.


  1. I think it looks pretty sharp! Nice texture on the uniform. I definitely agree that the vertical version looks better.

    So I went through your list for the Tinos I gathered while going through my old cards - unfortunately you already have like 11 out of the 16 I found!! I'm gonna send you the ones that did check out, and also I set aside a small handful of other assorted Yankee cards from the 90s. :) I assume your address hasn't changed in the past couple months?

  2. Wow those do look pretty sharp. And yep I agree the vertical looks the best.