Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1968 Topps Game - The Joys of a Completed Set

I did it! I completed the 1968 Topps Game 33-card insert set. What a fun little set jam-packed with HOFers. Overall, I made a few trades for some cards, and I probably spent about $40 total putting this set together, usually buying a few card lots off of eBay. I wish I kept better records of what I spent. I suppose I could look it up, but I’ll say $40-$45, and I have a bunch of dupes to boot. I'll post some trade bait later on if you're interested in any of my extras.

My favorite card is easily the Mantle, followed by the Clemente. I’m still looking for a “real” Mantle Topps card, but in the meantime, this is pretty damn awesome to own. This set is not one of the top pieces in my collection. Enjoy!



  1. Congrats, and sign me up for a deal for some doubles! I'll get my list together later today, but I've been starting to accumulate these and I think it'd be a cool set to finish.

  2. I have this whole set from when I was a kid, pretty rough condition though.