Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TTM Success: Doc Brown...Bobby Brown, that is

I got a cool TTM success from Dr. Bobby Brown, former Yankee and AL President. I sent two of the same cards from this Ted Williams set and asked him to keep one (I put a post-it note on the card with the request). He ended up signing both. I now have two of the same card signed, which is ok, but I really did wish he had kept one.

I looked at a lot of his cards online, but decided on this Ted Williams issue to send because I liked it so much. It's got a great classic pose and I like how prominent the Yankee logo looks. I ordered two of the same card from the same seller on SportLots. I might look for an early '50s Bowman to send to Brown, but in the meantime, I really like this success. His signature is very neat, especially for a man his age.

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