Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tino Tuesdays #8: 1999 Crowne Royal Opening Day

So my Yanks are in a little bit of hole with Burnett on the mound tonight. Not a comforting feeling. However, Porcello really isn't much better and doesn't have swing and miss stuff. The Yanks middle of the order is due to break out (telling myself that), so I like NY's chances tonight to push it to a Game 5. Gotta stay positive, right?

Anyhow, on to the regularly featured programming. I've always linked Crowne Royale cards, even though the design never really changed. I think they still make these for hockey and they look the same as always. Pacific was not everyone's cup of tea, but they had a bunch of nice looking cards and inserts over the years. These just always felt high-end to me. I don't think I ever actually bought a pack of them, but I've acquired a few over the years.

There's not much to the photo. It's an action shot and it looks like Tino lifted the ball to right somewhere during spring training. I like the way the font is laid out so his name takes up most of the bottom of the card, and the team logo is prominent which I like. I've never really been a fan of serial numbering on the front of a card, but since this is numbered to 72 (random #?), that's ok. This is the Opening Day Issue and is labeled "June 23, 1999" - all I can think of is that this was the first day these cards were printed?

The backs are nothing special. No stats, just a small, standard write-up. I like how it mentioned his 1998 World Series Game One grand slam, although most of his 1999 issues did this.

I will say that one annoying thing about these cards is that all the random edges make it tough to keep these in mint condition. They get caught on things like penny sleeves and binder pages.

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