Thursday, October 27, 2011

More vintage trading with Simon

Simon of 7 Hours from Tampa Bay is one of my favorite trading partners. He always comes across cool Yankees relics and great vintage cards, and always keeps me in mind. He sent me an email with four vintage Yanks, three of which I didn't have. I offered a few dupes that I had from my 1968 Topps Game set quest, and a trade was born.

I love the Turley. Bullet Bob is a pretty great TTM signer, so I may send this to him. I just haven't decided yet, as I do already have a signed Turley card. We shall see.

This 1975 Thurman Munson is too cool. I'm actually trying to collect all of Munson's Topps base cards, so this was a welcome addition.

And you can never go wrong with a 1958 Topps. So cool. The pink is random, but I kind of like it.

Simon, thanks as always for thinking of me!

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  1. hey there - noticed your an yankees collector. have you seen my blog? 'all trade bait all the time'? all the cards posted there are for trade. check out my yankees page. maybe you'll see something you like. stop by:
    (BTW sorry if i pimped my page to u already, but i dont remember seeing your blog before)