Friday, October 21, 2011

One lucky diamond

Today as I was logging onto the Topps Diamond Giveaway site, I looked on the right hand side of the "recently unlocked" cards. Now, I have no idea how truthful this portion of the site is. It could be a looping list of 200 cards for all I know. I don't really believe in "runs" either - if you see a few old cards on that list that you'll get one too.

Regardless, I do usually look whenever I go to sign in, just for the fun of it. Today something caught my eye:

Upon closer view:
Now, I know next to nothing about this player. Michael Crotta. No idea. But still, how cool would it be to unlock this card or one like it? I can't even imagine the money some of these will fetch. All I know is that someone just got very lucky, and that someone was not me.

1 comment:

  1. If one of these for Hochevar shows up on ebay, I may have to remortgage my house to ensure I get it!