Sunday, October 16, 2011

TTM Success: Jim Lonborg (on a '68 Topps Game)

This was the second 1968 Topps Game card that I sent out TTM, and it's my second success. I made sure these guys were pretty good signers before I sent. The second success comes from Jim Lonborg, formerly of the Red Sox (barf), Brewers and Phillies. Dr. Lonborg kingly signed my card and answered my letter in about two weeks time.

As for the letter:

What was your best memory of your 1967 season? Winning the last games against the Twins.
Who was the toughest hitter that you faced? Dave Parker
What current pitcher reminds you of yourself? Roy Halladay

Thanks to Dr. Lonborg for this great success!


  1. From what I hear the good doctor (dentist) is a class act.

  2. The (barf) addition cracks me up. Great addition!