Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cards on Cards free break good fortunes

Kerry from Cards on Cards held an awesome FREE Fleer Group Break. I was able to choose the Yankees as my primary team, and when given the opportunity for a second team, I gladly chose the Mariners for three reasons: 1. Tino, 2. Griffey, 3. A-Rod rookies.

I’ll show off the M’s first since their haul was better than NY’s. First off, TWO ARod rookies. Sweet! Even though it’s ’95 Fleer, I’m still psyche to get them.

Two inserts…an ARod Rookie Sensation and a Griffey Headliners. The Griffey is probably the nicest card I won from the break.

Here are a few of the 1993 Ultra Mariners. I bet these were cool when they first came cards showing the M’s in their new uni’s for the first time.

Now on to the 1993 Fleer winnings. None of the Tino’s in this break were new to my collection, but still happy to have them.
And some more really ugly ’95 Fleers.

And here are the Yankee winnings from the same break. Always love getting some new Mattinglys. The '95 Fleer Update Pettitte is cool because, although not his RC, it was the first year he burst onto the scene and established himself in the big league rotation as a rookie.
Kerry also sent me a few assorted Yanks and the ’94 Extra Bases Tino. I have no idea what set the green Upper Deck ARod is from.

Kerry, thanks for the opportunity to participate. It was a really generous break for you to offer.

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  1. Green A-Rod is from the UD Holiday Inn set from 2007.