Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A tribute to Big Mike

Michael Pineda is maddening. I have a love-hate relationship with him. I've been collecting him since the 2011 trade, yet, I feel like I make fun of him more than stick up for him. From pine tar to injuries, he gives us a lot to laugh at. He teases us too; with brilliant performances, swing and miss stuff, and constant two out hits leading to run-scoring innings.

Yet, I keep picking up new Big Mike cards. But with homegrown guys I've been following for years now making an impact, how much longer will I go out of my way to pick up new Pinedas?
My newest of the aforementioned Pinedas is from Topps Tribute, a blue autograph. Since it's from Tribute, here's a short tribute to Big Mike:

Big Mike.
Or is it Big Sike?

This is a tribute
To my PC guy.
With gobs of pinetar
You weren't so sly.

You were traded for Jesus
We had an ace in the making.
Then you got hurt for two years
Are you sure you weren't faking?

The first year back
You dominited when on the mound.
Then the next two years
That dominance was no where to be found.

Once you struck out
Sixteen Oriole batters.
Now your meatballs
Couldn't be any fatter.

With four weeks left
It's time to pitch like an ace.
If you still want me to PC you
It's time to make your case.

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