Sunday, September 18, 2016

SuperTraders #19: San Jose Fuji

San Jose Fuji sends awesome cards. I am sure a lot of them come from those sweet flea markets he frequents. I always want to go to one after reading about his adventures and the treasures he finds.
Without a doubt, my favorite card Fuji sent was this 1998 Pacific Invincible Photoengravings Tino Martinez. These are hard to find! I must admit, I already had it, but this one is actually in much better condition than the one in my collection, so this will take its place. It’s a cool card with a canvas-type feel, although not as canvas-y as some of those later Topps Gallery and Diamond Kings sets. It’s like a thinner 2016 Diamond Kings cardstock. Does that make sense whatsoever? Or should I stop doing a bad job describing the card?

The hits are next!

This Chien-Ming Wang 2009 Goodwin Champions relic is really neat. I guess the “M” stands for “Memorabilia Series”. I like the card design though. It’s tasteful, and it’s a cool image of Wang checking a runner.
These tend to pop up in trade packages, and they are definitely cool looking. I’m a sucker for clearcut cards, so I’ve always liked the design. I definitely have several of the Sean Henn cards from this set, but Wil Nieves was new. I didn’t realize he played 35 games for the Yankees.
This is a sweet rookie card by Fleer Sports Illustrated. How cool would one of these be with Sanchez/Judge/Austin? Very cool. These guys were top Yankee prospects, although only Lowell panned out, and sadly it wasn’t for NY.
Speaking of Sanchez, I was surprised I didn’t have this early Bowman Sterling card of his. I’m not sure how I missed it, but I’m very thankful for it, as his cards are not so easy to come by anymore. I have a feeling my days of getting Sanchez cards thrown into trade packages are dwindling. Or maybe they will be better since he’ll have 400 cards in 2017 Topps.
This is just a great shot of Darryl. Such a sweet swing. How underrated in 1998 Donruss, by the way? It’s a really nice looking set that holds up over time.
I don’t remember this set. I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Surely I know Upper Deck Sweet Spot, but not this particular issue, which has embossed baseball stitches on the cards. I do like the simple design, although the stitches kind of put a wrinkle in that.
Does anyone remember Andy Morales? He was a big-time Cuban defector who was supposed to be the real deal. He turned out to be not so good. I do remember reading an article in the local paper about him when the Yankees signed him, but then he never quite made it.

And I’ll top it off with a few more cards of my PC guys.
Fuji, thanks man. Love these cards! I hope you school year is off to a great start!

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  1. That was a nice lot of Yanks from Fuji. An auto, a jersey, and a Sanchez - plus that Tino engravings. I actually have that Sweet Spot set. 2008, I think? I bought a box at a show & pulled a Chien-Ming Wang glove auto - which was a $100 card at the time (its long gone though.)