Monday, September 19, 2016

TTM Success: Blake Rutherford (again)


I normally don't double up on TTM requests, but I sent two to 2016 Yankees First Round Pick Blake Rutherford because I figured my first one was lost. You see, Blake was promoted about a day after I sent this one to the GCL Yankees, so I took the dupe that P-Town Tom sent me and sent it to Pulaski. I got that one back last week.

I was surprised to see this one come back. It was post-marked from CA, so Blake has been answering some mail from home after his season ended. But, alas, he signed my card!
Also included was a nice note from Julie, Blake's mom. Very cool!
Here are the two signatures. The first one definitely came out a bit sharper in blue. Either way, I thank Blake for his dedication to answering his fan mail.

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