Saturday, January 7, 2017

Is my kid a Griffey supercollector?

The Junior Junkie has decided to send about 200 Griffeys my way over the past few years.

First off, I did ask him for this specific card.

You see, back in 8th grade, I traded it on the AOL forums (along with a few other Griffeys) for a box of about 700 Tino cards, thinking that's what a Tino super collector needed. That was stupid of me, as most of the card were 1991 Donruss and the likes. It was a dumb trade, and I regretted it.
Well, JJ has helped me write a wrong by putting that Griffey back in my collection. I do still need the 1998 Ultra Fall Classics though.

But he didn't stop there. He sent about 80 other Griffeys. Perhaps this is a spin-off of Project Griffey? These will definitely go into my kid's binder, and between the last batch of Griffeys, we're looking at about 200 cards.
So there you have it. My kid is a Griffey collector and he has no clue who Griffey is. I guess I'll have to teach him one day.

Here are some that I particularly like. I feel like I found an error on the write-up of the one below, as it says he homered from both sides of the plate three times. I'm pretty sure he never batted righty.
Junior Junkie, I am going to send your son 200 Tinos. Cool?

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