Sunday, January 1, 2017

TLC in '17

Usually, I'm not the kind of person to make New Year's Resolutions. I like to think that I can make changes in my life whenever I need to, not because the calendar says January 1st. Although, I think I used to be better at that than I am now.

So with that being said, here are a few card-related items I hope to address or sustain in 2017. There's nothing particularly tangible, like completing a set, but I think I can make a few changes to enhance the way I enjoy the hobby.

1. Add 2017 to my Topps Yankees Project. That's the only real goal I have.

2. Continue to send out TTMs. I sent out about 150 in 2016, which is a lot more than I have in years past. TTMs are probably my favorite part of the hobby and they make me happy. I need to continue sending them out.

3. Organize. I moved twice in the past two years (I know, you're sick of hearing about it). It's been an easy excuse to keep my stuff boxed up. But this house is permanent and I need to make my collection more accessible.

4. As it relates to the above, I really want to take another inventory of my Tino collection to make sure everything is accounted for. I also want to officially count how many unique Jeters I have. While I've never formally collected him, through trades I know I have a few hundred. I'd love to know what that number actually is.

5. Joey's HOF binder - organize by player, and display them on the page above by player instead of as they come in.

6. Stop buying $3-$5 cards that add up - both in terms of money and clutter. For example, I recently picked up this Nick Swisher jersey card. It's a cool card. Huge jersey swatch. Three pinstriples. It ran me a little over $5 shipped. I keep doing this. $4 here, $3 there, etc. I know it's not a lot of money, but it adds up. I need to stop doing that, because it just creates clutter.
7. If I stop making about 25 to 30 of these random purchases, and pool my money, I can probably pick up a Jeter autograph. That would make me a lot happier than random autos and relics of forgettable players.

That's it. That's what I've got. Nothing above will make the year a success or failure, but I think it's a good starting point for my collection as it continues to grow and evolve.


  1. "If I stop making about 25 to 30 of these random purchases, and pool my money, I can probably pick up a Jeter autograph."

    Amen!!!! If I would stop silly purchases, think of the cards I would have I could adore and look at anytime I want.

  2. That is an excellent idea, I cut down on my impulse purchases and I have been able to focus more on cards I want for my collection instead of the randomness.