Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nylon - great taste, less filling

I'm a big Billy Martin fan. I remember him well as a kid (as Yankees manager a few times), and unfortunately, he tragically passed away just a few minutes from my house on Christmas Day in 1989. My family still has their copy of the local newspaper from December 26.

I jumped at the chance to own this card, which has a piece of the nylon jacket Billy famously wore during his stint(s) as Yankees manager. It's a lot more exciting than a plan jersey swatch, and even has a few stitches. The design is awesome too. I won't lie - best looking card I've seen in a while.

I love that the card photo also shows Billy wearing a similar jacket. I hate it when relics don't match the photo. Now, it's of course upsetting that he doesn't have Yankee logos, but what can you do.

While I do love this card, I've vowed, at least temporarily, to stop purchasing cards like this. It's not that I don't want them, but I really want a Jeter autograph. By giving up purchasing $5-$6 cards like this - that add up - I'm hoping to save enough for a decent Jeter autograph. I'm sure this will last about a week, but I'm going to try! I could just be an adult and buy one, but think this is a good exercise in cutting down on these smaller purchases.


  1. "I hate it when relics don't match the photo." We should start a club.
    I know you said you were trying to stop purchasing cards like this, but this one is totally worth delaying the purchase of a Jeter auto.

  2. Good luck, lol. Can't wait to see the Jeter when you get it.

  3. I love manager cards! One of my bigger purchases recently was something along these lines. You did well! The Jeter can wait a few extra days....

  4. Nice relic!

    I'm thinking Jeter auto prices will probably be creeping down in the coming years since he signed that big contract with Topps recently, so they'll probably more plentiful.

    1. You might be right. The 2016 autos have been going for crazy amounts, so hopefully that helps me get one of the older ones for a decent price.