Wednesday, January 25, 2017

TTM Success: Jay Johnstone

Former major league funny guy Jay Johnstone signed my Yankees card in just 7 days. He also added the great Cubs card, which  really captures his class-clown personality.
I found it interesting that the signature on the Cubs is in blue and a little fatter looking, but I assume he just has a large stack of this card pre-signed and adds them to outgoing envelopes.

Johnstone is known as one of MLB's all-time pranksters, from putting baked goods into teammates gloves to lighting cleats on fire to buying hot dogs mid-game.Oh, the outrage if that kind of stuff happened today!

He had a solid playing career as well, and was a member of the Yankees 1978 World Series winning team. He also played a key role in defeating the Yankees in the '81 Series. I wasn't born yet so I can't be too upset.

Johnson also wrote a note on my note, saying that he'd sign anything for a $15 check to the Wounded Warriors. Very cool.

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