Friday, January 20, 2017

Is Napkin Doon making a comeback?

A lot of you remember Napkin Doon. Some of you never had the privilege, but if you're curious, check out the archives: The Adventures of Napkin Doon.

Napkin Doon just dropped some big hints about a possible return to the "blogosphere." First off, he sent me a big 'ol batch of Yankees cards. It sounds to me like he's clearing out some space of a flux of incoming trades. Am I reading that right, Nap?

Second, there was this Twitter exchange with JBF/Willinghammer:

Sure sounds like the comeback is in the works, doesn't it?

Ahh yes, I did mention some cards, didn't I? Nap sent me the goods - Yankees prospects and Tinos. What more could I want? Unsurprisingly, I don't see many Gary Sanchez cards come my way anymore, so I always appreciate when they do. Here's my newest Sanchez cards, along with the rest of the loot. Nap, don't hate me too much for fueling the fire, here. It's only because we miss you.
Also, Nap, this is Gaby, not Gary. I won't lie, I've won a few cards on eBay because of the Gaby/Gary thing.


  1. I remember when there were rumors about Gaby Sanchez becoming a Cub to fill the void at first base. Then Theo traded for some guy named Rizzo.

    It's amazing what the threat of Wes sending out cards will do to a guy! LOL

  2. I miss me some Fleer Showcase and EX-Century. Almost as much as I miss Mr. Doon.

  3. The Gaby/ Gary thing had me confused a couple years ago...thought I had some great error cards on my hands.