Tuesday, February 28, 2017

COMC Black Friday: The Autos

Am I behind in sharing my Black Friday haul from COMC? Probably. I was going through a few envelopes, and realized that I had never posted on my last delivery, which were a bunch of Yanks purchased on Black Friday. Combine that with my lack of new cards to show off and topics to write about, and now I've got a little fodder while I wait for some darn TTMs to trickle in.

There's nothing too fancy here, as it was more bargain bin shopping, but still, a couple of neat cards that I got for super cheap prices.
Stuck in 2011, this was a card I wanted but never got. Obviously Jesus Montero is a failed prospect - and failed Big Leaguer at this point - but for awhile, he was the #3 prospect in the game behind two guys - Trout and Harper. Pretty good. I always liked the way this card looked, and it was a tough pull. In November of 2016, I bought this for a little over $1. Prospects - they'll break your heart!
Gosuke Katoh looked like he was on his way to becoming a top Yankee prospect, but he's had a tough go of it the last few seasons. He's still just 22, so perhaps he can still make some strides this season. However, it's fair to say he's quite behind a bunch of middle infield prospects right now. I've always liked him though, and am pulling for him to put it all together this year.
Drew Finley is a guy that's easy to forget about, but he's a Top 20 Yankees prospect according to MLB.com. He should get his first taste of full-season ball this year, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him become one of the Yankees better pitching prospects as the year goes on.
Lastly, a cool signed card of Angel Aguilar. I like his signature a lot. I don't know anything about this set, but it's a decent looking card.


  1. Wow, Angel Aguilar does have a slick signature. I think that's my favorite card of the bunch.

  2. So many prospects we've heard about over the years in there.

  3. Man, Jesus Montero was quite the fall from prospect grace.

  4. When the Yankees traded Montero for Pineda nearly all my friends who are Yankees fans were upset and pissed at the trade. While Pineda hasn't been the elite AllStar he was in Seattle, he is still much better than what Montero has produced.