Friday, February 17, 2017

Feeling Chipper

When I was younger, I liked to enter contests. Contests back then took a little more effort, not like these ‘leave a comment on my blog’ or ‘retweet my post’ contests (by the way, don’t forget to enter my currentcontest – just leave a comment on yesterday’s post!). I never won anything big, but I always like to put in the effort.

Being semi-artistic, I always liked contests that involved sports artwork. I routinely entered those “your drawing could be on a sports card” type of contests. I cannot remember if it was Beckett or Tuff Stuff, but in 1996 or so, there was a contest for the best Chipper Jones drawing. Although he was a Brave, that was right up my alley.

I don’t have a photo of the artwork, but I do remember drawing a picture of Chipper, and he was pointing toward the sky. I also drew him on clouds instead of a baseball field. I don’t know, I was 12 or whatever. Not sure what my train of thought was. Kind of morbid, looking back.

My memory also fails me as to what the grand prize for winning was. I think it was a trip to meet Chipper.

Regardless, I finished my picture, using my finest colored pencils I might add, and sent it to wherever it needed to go. A few months went by, and I never heard anything, but then one day this showed up in my mailbox:
Again, details escape me, but I don’t think any letter or anything came with it, but I’ve always just assumed it was a consolation prize for my drawing. Regardless, it’s pretty cool to have a small signed photo of a future Hall of Famer.


  1. That's an awesome consolation prize. Lol!

  2. Can't imagine there are many out there. It has a great signature too. Nice!

  3. That is really fantastic! Too bad it didn't come with any sort of explanation as to why it was sent to you.