Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

Ahh, the day of "the big game." (I hate that reference, but get why the world has to do it).

I'm not a football card collector. Never have been and never will be. All the same, over my time as a collector, I have amassed a few football cards (mostly from JBF!). I have a stack from when I was a kid, as I'd usually get a few packs a year. This was usually the case if the drugstore was out of baseball or basketball. I still needed something to rip, as any card addict can relate.

I have exactly one Matt Ryan and one Tom Brady. I'll likely put the Brady in Joey's HOF binder. I certainly will be rooting for Atlanta tonight, as I don't wish success on any team from the Boston area. I'd like to see the Falcons come out on top, although I know it likely won't happen.
We'll be heading over to a friend's house to let the kids run around like hooligans. My plan is to leave at halftime and come back home. Hopefully the game won't be over by then. I hope everyone here has a good time, and more importantly, stay safe. Don't drink and drive!

In honor of today's big game Super Bowl, here are a few of the football cards from the aforementioned stack. Nothing valuable or fancy, but still cool to have.


  1. Can't stand the Cowboys... and I was more of a Sanders guy than an Emmitt fan. But damn... I gotta admit that 1995 Topps card of Smith is sensational. What an awesome action shot!

  2. That game sure did seem over at the half. Hopefully you stuck with it!