Friday, February 3, 2017

SuperTraders #28: A Cracked Bat

Rarely does a blogger re-enter the blogging world with such a fury of trade packages, but that’s what Julie of A Cracked Bat recently did. Hey Napkin Doon, take notice.

I was one of the lucky recipients of Julie’s #SuperTrader packages, and it was certainly packed with some great stuff.

I’ll start with an EBAY 1/1. Julie, I don’t think you knew you had an EBAY ONE OF ONE on your hands. You could have retired! In all seriousness, a sweet CC mini #’d 1/50. There were a couple of other cool minis too – Greg Bird and Tanaka. I can’t wait for Greg Bird’s return this season.
A couple of PC guys in Sanchez and Big Mike. The Big Mike is the green back of the Heritage ’51, which I did not have. The Sanchez card is blurry – not sure why. It’s not the scan. I think Topps just used a low res image. If anyone ever forgets Gary’s last name, SANCHEZ is tattooed across his arm. FYI. 

I have no recollection of this Fleer Tradition set. Randy Johnson’s tenure in NY seems to be looked at as a failure, but his first season was pretty good: 17-11, 3.79 ERA, 211 Ks, and a 5.7 WAR. As a 41-year-old! I guess compared to other seasons, that was pretty subpar for him. Admittedly, he was not good in the playoffs. 
Diamond Kings! Including a Diamond Kings Optic. This actually looks pretty sweet, I won’t lie.
National Baseball Card Day! These cards look great as well.
I’ll finish off with a couple high-end base cards. These have graced past packages from Julie as well. I never get these products, so appreciate receiving them.
Awesome stuff, Julie. Thank you!


  1. I didnt realize Randy Johnson had a good year with the Yanks, he just did not seem like a New York guy at all. All I remember is him shoving that cameraman before he even threw a pitch. The triple threads cards are nice (why isn't Mussina a HOFer?) and McDougald doesn't look too bad without logos.

    I pulled a few Yankees in my 2015 Topps box, which I posted about on my blog. If you need any, let me know. I'd be happy to send another stack of cards your way.

    1. Thanks! I'll take a look. I think I'm all set on 2015 but will see if I need any.

  2. the bat swing on the Arod card is oddly close to his mouth, wonder if the person making that card noticed? great group of Yankees

  3. AJ -thanks for the great trades! So pleased you found some cool cardboard there!