Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mail forwarding doesn't work

Those of you who have traded with me know I've moved a few times over the past few years. However, we're officially homeowners, and this should be a permanent address for a long time.

I set up mail forwarding this past July, where any piece of mail (outside of junk mail) should be forwarded to my new address for one year from the start date, which was in July. I've definitely thought about all the mail, including TTMs, that I've probably lost due to change of addresses over the years.

On Saturday, my wife told me that the current tenants of our previous address found her on Facebook and reached out because they had a stack of our mail. Luckily it's only about a half mile away, so we stopped by yesterday, and sure enough, they had a decent sized plastic bag of mail for us. There were some holiday cards, and notably, a few envelopes for me with...you guessed it...cards in them.

I felt bad because two of them were from November, and I never properly thanked the senders because, well, I didn't get them. There was also a TTM, which I'll share soon.

I'm just frustrated because I don't understand why these wouldn't have been forwarded? It makes no sense. I have opened up a claim with the post office to investigate, although I'm sure that won't get me anywhere.

Anyhow, I owe some belated thank yous! First off, Mark Hoyle sent some awesome cards. He always takes care of my with some old Knicks and Syracuse players too.
Thanks, Mark! This was from November, so better late than never.

Next up, Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary...also from November! Brian was nice enough to send three HOFers for Joey, and a few goodies for me as well. The Tinos are a great blast from the '90s past. I definitely didn't have that minor league Bernie, either. Never even seen it!
Thanks, Brian!

Lastly, this one was just a week old, but Tony Burbs of Wrigley Roster Jenga sent a bunch of Holiday Yanks and a few others!
I'm glad these cards weren't lost forever. Thanks, guys!


  1. I just bought a house in November. I hope I have better luck with the forwarding than you do.

  2. I'll sometimes put a hold on mail when I travel, yet when I come back my mailbox is full. Government efficiency!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your "blizzard" of cards! Also, it's a darn good thing that the people who took up your old residence are good eggs... and very motivated too.

    I too had issues with mail forwarding when I most recently moved and lost a couple of Ebay wins. It's a damn shame.

  4. I did contact the USPS via their help forum and received a call back from a local post office. I explained the issue and they agreed with me...that the aforementioned mail should have been forwarded. They placed a special note on my account and she said she'd alert my local postman. We'll see if it works!