Saturday, February 11, 2017

SuperTraders #29: Angels In Order

I’ve had quite a few PWEs show up lately, which I love. I need to get back to sending them out! Especially with my extra 2017 Topps cards sitting around.

My latest PWE came from #SuperTrader Tom of Angels In Order. It was a fun one! My favorite card was a 2007 Fleer ARod insert. I won’t lie, with all of these boring 2017 Topps inserts (other than Five Tools), I’d do anything for more of the crazy inserts that were around when there were multiple brands. This one isn’t as crazy as some, but still feels like it compared to 2017 Topps Salutes.

I can say I never collected any MLB Showdowns when they were out, and this is one of the shiny ones. It looks better than my scan would indicate.
This Salt Lake Bees set is just so cool!
All-time fan favorites needs to make a comeback…and include Tino! That is my wish for 2017.
Here’s the rest of the PWE. Great assortment of nine cards, Tom. Thank you!

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  1. Great cards! The Bees set is a fun one. I have a few too. Maybe it's the bright yellow - just makes me all happy inside.