Thursday, March 8, 2012

Am I Pineda collector?

I’m not going out of my way to pick up Michael Pineda cards, yet somehow I keep acquiring them. I picked up this Topps Finest Refractor RC (or whatever it is) on eBay for really cheap, and it’s numbered to 599. I still don’t envision myself becoming a Pineda collector, but you never know. My main PC subject, Tino martinez, also started as a Mariner. Hmmm, will history repeat itself?

Either way, I am really excited for his Yankee cards to start popping up.


  1. But A-Rod also started out as a Mariner. Maybe the Mariners are becoming like the old Kansas City Athletics. The Yankees AAAA team.

  2. Just come clean, my friend. I am also ready to admit I have a David Robertson problem!

    HiFlew - EXCELLENT pithy, historically accurate remark!!! Maybe we get our next "Maris from the A's" trade when we re-acquire Montero? Did you get a chance to watch your Rockies destroy Lincecum in 2 innings?