Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gary Sanchez Obak Auto

I’ve been wanting a Gary Sanchez autograph for a while. He’s one of the Yankees top prospect, and easily is best positioned to be the next Jesus Montero – aka power-hitting catcher who may not have a future as a catcher.

Sanchez has not responded to any of my TTM requests, so I decided to go the way of a certified auto. He only has a couple – a 2009 Bowman, and 2010 Elite Extra, and this 2010 Tristar Obak to name a few. This one was by far the most affordable, and it’s a nice card. Sure, it’s a sticker auto and sure, the signature is cut off a little. I’ve found that to be true for many Tristar autos.

I’m glad I got in front of this and picked up his auto, as I have a sneaky feeling the price of his cards are going to skyrocket in the next year or two.

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  1. He played for my hometown Riverdogs last year and, accurately or not, got the reputation among the fans for being constantly hurt and overpaid. Given that's it's SC I think that issues of race and class had A LOT to do with what I heard in the stands, but I thought I'd throw that out there before anyone else picked it up. BJ Upton got hit with those labels early on and, to my consternation, they stuck.

    My two cents: he's a heck of a ballplayer under a lot of pressure to perform with that signing bonus. He looks AWESOME.