Monday, March 12, 2012

TTM Success: Al Kaline

I have been pretty MIA in the blog world the last few days. Just got a bit busy - had family in town, traveled for a wedding, college basketball conference tournies. Too much going on and no time for the blog. So to my one loyal reader, sorry! However, I have had a few TTM's, purchases, and trades trickle in, so I do have some stuff to share in the coming days.

Anyhow, I recently heard that Al Kaline was signing for a nominal fee. I usually NEVER, EVER send to a player who charges a fee. It's not that I'm against them charging - it's their right - I just avoid it. Well, I heard that Kaline was charging for $5, and I felt like I couldn't pass up the chance for a HOFer for such a low fee. I sent him a request and unfortunately the only Kaline card I own, this hideous 2012 Topps with a gold sticker thing that looks like it should be on a second-grade spelling bee award certificate. In just two weeks, the card came back with a perfect signature.

Awesome addition to my collection!


  1. Nice addition! The ugly card *does* look a bit nicer with an autograph. :)

  2. To be honest the card lends itself to auto's!

  3. Nice. I have been dabating about sending a ball to Kaline for the last few years. Everything that I read says that he is very inconsistent with his mail, but in the case of baseballs, he sometimes does not even send them back... Into the bucket they go??

    Still may be worth the risk.

  4. That's not too shabby for $5. How many times have you bought a rack pack for $5 and it contains crap? Too many to count, but a HOF'er for $5 is a real deal.