Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tino Tuesday #32: 2005 Prime Patches Jumbo Jersey Swatch

I love the 2005 Prime Patches set. It kills me that Tino is featured as a Ray in this set, because it's truly one of my favorites. The relics are so classy, despite all the various versions of the card. I'll tell you, if Tino was a Yankee in these, I'd be aggressively trying to complete all of his cards in the set.

With that being said, I still monitor these on ebay from time to time. I recently put in a low bid on this particular card and won. Yes, the gray swatch is a bit bland, but it's a jumbo swatch and my first of it's kind. It's also #'d 113/177. Not sure what the 177 represents.


  1. ^^^^

    /that's what she said

    ....awesome card, by the by.