Thursday, March 22, 2012

A nice pull from a Heritage Blaster

I've seen a lot of folks having some nice success with Heritage blasters this year. I've seen a good amount of relics pulled, and when you consider that a hobby box has only one relic guaranteed (I think this is the case - keep me honest), it seems that blasters are providing a good value. I had been ducking into Modell's after work each night to see if their Heritage blasters arrived, and finally on Tuesday there was a fresh stack. I grabbed one (as well as an Opening Day blaster). I'll provide all those results/tradebait in a later post.

Truth be told, this pull came on the eighth and final pack of the blaster. True story. You know that feeling when your hope for a good pull dwindles and dwindles until there are only one or two packs left? That's how I felt. Buyer's remorse. I has hoped for a relic - of anyone. Didn't matter who it was. As I opened the last pack, I saw a little bit of shininess peeking thought. To my surprise, here is what was there:

Wow! A Curtis Granderson Chrome Refractor. But look closely. The borders. They are BLACK. It's a not just a normal Refractor! I checked the back of the pack to see the odds, and this was a cool 1:690 pull! The card is numbered 59/63 and is certainly the rarest card I've pulled since I got back into collecting over a year ago. The fact that this is a Yankee makes it even better. The scan was quick and came out crappy - my apologies. But the card really is beautiful.

I'm tempted to buy another blaster, but I know this was a luck pull and I'll probably stay away and just collect the Yanks.


  1. Nice pull, even better that it's a Yankee! I still have yet to pull one of those Black Refractors from any Heritage pack over the years.

  2. Great Pull, black border chrome is the shizzam!