Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Golden Giveaway - well that was unexpected

Last year, I unlocked zero Diamond Die Cuts it in the Diamond Giveaway. This year, I unlocked six codes ion the Golden Giveaway, and all I had to show for it were six fake coins that don't even have chocolate inside. For some reason, people actually make trade offers for these. I ignore them.

Anyhow, I recently pulled two more code cards. I thought about trading them, they are no good to me. After about two weeks of them just sitting on my desk, I decided to go unlock them. I was pleasantly surprised with my first code:

How about that? A Reggie Jackson die cut! I was very surprised. I've gotten a few lackluster offers for it, but I hope to eventually flip it for a Yankee. I'm still down on the Golden Giveaway - it's a lot less fun than the previous versions - but this card helps make it a little better for me.


  1. Cool. I think I ended up with about 15 codes, and all they unlocked were a bunch of imaginary coins. This year's promotion is about as much fun for me as the original Million Card Giveaway (which was right up there with opening junk mail.)

  2. Is there a checklist for these cards? I tried doing a search on Ebay for these cards, none are listed.

  3. I found one at the link below. I'm going to guess none are on eBay yet because no one has had them shipped yet. They might not be available to ship yet either.


    1. Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open, and I'll probably have to fight you for the Yankees.