Friday, March 23, 2012

TTM Success: Five in one day

Two Thursdays ago, I had a really nice TTM day. I arrived home from work to find five SASE’s. I’m nearly certain five in one day is a record for me.

The card featured in the first envelope has already been shown in a blog post. Austin Romine signed my 2012 Topps card. I hadn’t been able to get a success from Romine in a few attempts while he was in the minors, so this was very welcome. 

Next up, Brandon Laird signed three cards for me. I’ve gotten him in the past, and I actually asked him to keep two of the three cards I sent. He signed all three. The Obak looks nice. 

Third, we have Kyle Higashioka, a catching prospect. He signed my Bowman Chrome and Topps Heritage Minors cards.

Next, Adam Warren signed two cards. He is a good prospect who would fit in nicely in the back end of most pitching rotations in the league. If the Yanks need a spot start, he’ll probably get called on ahead of both Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos.

Last, pitching prospect Graham Stoneburner signed my Bowman Chrome. He has one of the most badass names in baseball. Look for him in the Yanks bullpen in the next few years.

So no huge names here, but all great successes.


  1. I was blown away when you told me about your "5 Day" earlier.....

    ...andn ow that I can see them, I am blown away even more. I gotta say, in this day and age - those are some stellar signatures across the board! Great balance, good placement on the cards and some big sweeping loops. Fantastic, AJ - congratulations!

    Stoneburner IS quite the awesome name! Reminds me of Michael Stonebreaker from Notre Dame's glory days in the late 80's. It's almost as if these fellas are compelled to live up to their namesake.

  2. I have to say those Bowman Chrome look pretty good signed. Good to know I have a couple Brewers prospect cards I had thought of sending out. Congrats on the quinfecta day!