Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tino Tuesday #31: 1992 Topps Gold Winner #481

1992 Topps. The first year of Topps Gold. So it all begins. 1992 Topps really broke away from the late '80s and early '90s issues. The card stock was a bit different, especially with the white backs. Stadium photos found their ways onto the back of the cards, something very different from the orange and green backs of years past. It's neat to look back at these now, especially as many of the stadiums have been replaced.

The "winner" aspect of the card I believe was from a scratch off program where you could win packs of these special gold-embossed cards. Keep me honest though.



  1. You've got it right. Put together enough scratch-off cards and you could mail away for Winner packs from Topps, a handful at a time.

    After 1992, Topps also sold some cello-wrapped Winner packs on the secondary market. (I picked up a cardboard longbox of about 30 packs in mid-1993 from a card shop.)

  2. I remember you could get a very very bright light behind those scratch off cards and determine which of like 10 different pattern cards it was. You could really quickly figure out which places to scratch.

  3. I love hearing these stories! I am a bit too young to remember these at the time.