Thursday, May 26, 2016

SuperTraders #12: Sports Cards From The Dollar Store

I haven't had the opportunity to trade with Douglas of Sports Cards From The Dollar Store yet, so this is a great benefit of the #SuperTraders group.  I look forward to sending Douglas a whole bunch of Mets cards. He also collects Raptors...hmmm, maybe I have an old Damon Stoudamire RC around somewhere!

Regardless, Douglas sent me a great PWE of Yanks. I love these Hometown Heroes cards, so I was pumped to get a few of them.
I think at the time (this arrived awhile ago), this was my first look at 2016 Donruss.
I appreciated this Tanaka rookie card too. He was HUGE as a rook before he got hurt. I'll never forget watching him pitch while I was in the hospital the day my daughter was born. He shut down the Cubs on 4/16/14 - 8 innings, 2 hits, no runs, 1 walk, 10 Ks. Dominant.
I already sent this card off to James Pazos in hopes of getting a TTM autograph, although from what I understand is that he isn't much of an autographer signer via the mail. Still, you never know!
Lastly, a Knick made it into the package! I don't think I had any Kenyon Martin Knicks cards, so this was welcome. Also - don't Panini cards just look better with logos?
Douglas, thank you! I'll send you a package soon.


  1. Prizm could be so nice with logos......We can dream

  2. To be fair, everybody was shutting the Cubs down in 2014...and 2013...and 2012...