Friday, July 15, 2011


The movie is officially out! I fully admit it, I'm a Harry Potter freak. Love it. I've read all the books and seen multiple midnight showings for the movie releases. Unfortunately, I won't be seeing Deathly Hallows Part 2 until Saturday night due to a family wedding. However, I've already got my IMAX 3D tickets in hand. Who here is planning on seeing it this weekend?

I can't say that I own this card.


  1. I'm going sometime tomorrow. I want to see the film, but the excitement isn't quite the same as when I was waiting for the final book to come out.

    Here, we know what's going to happen - the only question is how well the filmmakers pulled it off.

    - Paul

  2. Saw it last night. The crowd sucked, but the movie was good.

  3. I think Harry Potter is the definitive separator for the current 30s generation and the current late teens/20s generation. I have never read a single Harry Potter book and only saw the first movie and didn't really like it.

  4. I saw it last night, and it was so good! You'll enjoy it, they finished off the series nicely.

  5. Seeing it tomorrow morning, but I have to admit my mom and my son are way more excited about it than I am. The last book sort of turned me off and I didn't like Part 1 of the movie very much.

  6. My daughter and future daughter in-law are both Potter geeks and went to the first showing. They loved it.

    I've seen a couple of the movies and was entertained even though I don't pay enough attention to figure out all the characters' back-stories.

    The previews to this one looked great at the iMax so I'll check it out for sure, maybe next weekend.