Saturday, July 16, 2011

TTM Blast from the Past: John Olerud

In 2004, John Olerud was picked up by the Yanks after being released by the Mariners. He played well for the Yanks down the stretch, and once he went down in the ALCS with a foot injury, the tides started to turn. Most Red Sox fans will say it was Dave Roberts stolen base or one of Ortiz's hits, but I think the downfall started with Olerud going down. No joke.

Anyways, two or three years ago Olerud signed this card for me TTM c/o his home. He has a very nice looking signature. He also included a signed card of his own and on my return envelope, wrote "Thanks for the kind letter."

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  1. Always seemed like a great game. And whether or not the story is fact or fiction...The Rickey Henderson/Olerud Story is still the funnies thing in the world to me!