Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trade Review: Trading with the "enemy" (Shane)

Usually the Yankees and Sox don't make trades. I think the last deal was in 1997...the Yankees reacquired Mike Stanley for the stretch run. In return, the Yanks sent the Red Sox Tony Armas Jr, who later was shipped to Montreal in the Pedro deal. Oy. Anyhow, luckily the stakes aren't as high with inter-blog trading as opposed to inter-division trading. Therefore, Shane of Off The Wall and I felt comfortable about making a swap. Just as the Sox have done to the Yanks this year, Shane kicked my butt in this trade.

First and foremost, he send this awesome Jorge Posada dual relic. See those two Pinstripes? Yeah, me too. Just a gorgeous card.

There was then a whole box of Yankee goodness.

I've highlighted a few of my favorites, but I enjoyed the whole box. There were so many unique cards and ones I didn't have...minor leaguers and oddballs and stars. It was a lot of fun to sort through. First off, a few oddballs. Did you know Robin Roberts pitched for the Yankees? Well, sort of. He was acquired after the 1961 season and spent the spring with the Yanks, but never pitched in a regular season game. He came in and just didn't throw well without explanation. I bet it was similar to what Phil Hughes went through earlier this season...showed up at Spring Training and his velocity was missing. The Yanks released a devastated Roberts on April 23, before the season had started. He signed on with the Orioles in May and pitched fairly well for the the next few seasons. I wish I had this card a few years ago and was able to get Roberts to sign it TTM, as he was a great signer before he passed. Still cool to have a card of him in a Yankee uniform.

Up next, an awesome John Elway Yankees card. I wonder how good at baseball he could have been? All Star? I bet. I scanned this Carl Evertt card just to show that he has always been a punk. Just look at him. I'll always hate him for breaking up Mike Mussina's perfect game at Fenway. Not so much for breaking it up, but coming back to the dugout like he was Joe Carter and had just hit a World Series clinching homer. He was a d-bag.

Some sweet Red Diamond Yanks! I believe these are the Target exclusive version. I didn't have any of these cards, and I really like them. I have a purple Cano I believe.

Last but not least, a really cool Alfonso Soriano die cut. I've always loves die cuts and I think this one is a beauty!

Shane, thanks for an awesome trade. I definitely owe you more Red Sox and I'll certainly set my next batch aside for you.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the trade AJ!!! With such close distance, I'm sure we'll be regular trading partners.

  2. Shane - you're a gentleman and a scholar for that batch, well done.

    AJ - nice pick up with that dual-pinstripe Posada! I'm ashamed to say as a Yankees fan, I had no idea that Roberts had put on a Yankees uniform. What a great custom card that uses the '69 Topps design for his short stint in '62.

    I just read (on Wikipedia) that Roberts won 1 game for the Yanks that spring - a 13-10 victory on March 21, 1962 when the Yankees visited Clearwater. The Phillies retired Roberts' number during that game, the first for their franchise. He was also the only pitcher to have defeated the Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves.

    Great stuff........