Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One man's opinion: Ginter stinks

I'll probably lose the three readers I have with a title like this, but I'm beyond confused with the fuss over 2011 Allen & Ginter. I simply don't get it. I haven't been impressed with the cards I've seen everyone pulling in the Gint-a-Cuffs game going on. Perhaps I'm not a real collector for not being moved by framed relics of Mark Buerhle and Billy Butler.  All I know is that I can score them for a few bucks on eBay if I really want 'em without spending $100 on a box. Side note - I felt the same way about Gypsy Queen's relics/autos. Apologies to the Angel Pagan, Andrew Cashner and Gio Gonzalez fans.

I've grown fond over the A&G designs of the last few years, and while I commend Topps for trying to freshen it up a little, I'm not overly impressed. I find it to be "meh." I like simple, which is why 2008ish is my cup of tea. I'm living in the past I guess.

I decided to see if I would like the cards more if I actually bought a pack, so I did. I've taken enough stats classes to know that one pack in not an appropriate sample size, but I wanted to see the cards in person. If I was able to find a blaster I would have gotten one, but it was either a pack or a box, so I chose pack. Between the pack that I opened and following many blogs with many A&G pack postings, I feel qualified to offer my opinion.

My sole pack:

217 S. Marcum
209 Guy Fieri - the freakin' TGIFridays loser with frosted tips (that could also be a Roger Clemens description)
186 Y. Escobar
HH24 Hometown Heroes R. Zimmerman
137 Ex-met Carlos Beltran 
330 CC Sabathia SP - AHHHHHH -1 for being a damn Yankee!!!!!!!! -1 for being chubby, -1 for eating Cap'n Crunch, -1 for picking on the lowly Mariners last night, -1 for probably opting out of his contract to get a new deal this off-season, -1 another one for being a Yankee. YANKEES SUCK!!!!!!
Mini Fausto Carmona (regular back I think but who cares)
16 Edwin Jackson

All that's missing from that pack is Peter Gammons and Frank McCourt. Sheesh. I'm happy to get the Sabathia, so it was nice to get a Yankee (-1) amongst the other crap. I figured I was destined to get a crappy relic in my one singular pack, but no such luck. I sort of wish I could redeem the Guy Fieri card at a TGIFridays for a free appetizer. I'd be a lot happier with potato skins than this card. Maybe next year.

My opinion after opening a pack remains the same. I'm just not impressed. However, I wish all of you good luck in your 2011 Ginter chase!


  1. 2011 does have its problems. The card stock is not as thick as past years and there are full-size insert sets besides the sketches and pack search stopper types. That being said, it's still a fun box break to do.

    My favorite Ginter collecting experiences have been 2007, 2009, 2011, 2008, 2010.

  2. I like this year's design. But I won't even buy a pack of it (never have). I'm more than happy to pick up the singles I need after the dust settles.

  3. I won't buy any packs either, I don't see the draw of all the non-baseball cards. I like the baseball player cards and will also pick up what I need elsewhere, or through trades. I already have a stack of presidents and other crap I don't want from other packs that I bought.

  4. I haven't bought any. I have complete sets of 2006 and 2007. After that I wasn't as enthused. I like the first year's inclusion of retired stars like Banks, Killebrew and Greenberg to name a few. I do like the oddball non sports cards. I may pick up a few on COMCC later. The last good pack buy I made was 2011 Opening Day. So many packs come out to way too much per card for cards I really wouldn't buy individually.