Sunday, July 24, 2011

Needed: 2003 Topps Yankees base cards

With 2011 Topps Series Two a few months old and 2011 A&G in full swing, this probably seems like a very odd request. And it is. However, you see, I am only one card away from completing my Topps Yankees Project - a signed Yankees Topps card from every year since 1951, without using the same player twice. I have 60 out of 61 years completed, all done via TTM requests. It's driving me nuts. 2003 is the one measly year that is eluding me.

I'll probably buy another batch of 2003 Topps Yanks cards on SportsLots, but wanted to see if any of you had any spare Yanks laying around from 2003. They can be base cards or Topps Traded. Jaybarkerfan and Ted have actually sent me a few Yanks from these years without knowing how badly I need them. Thanks, guys.

Once I get a few cards, I'll be sending out TTM requests again in hopes of putting the final piece in the puzzle...until 2012 Topps hits the shelves.

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