Thursday, July 7, 2011

My first eTopps!

I've been wanting to pick up an eTopps card for awhile. I'm still not really sure how it all works. A card's value changes on a daily basis as a result of eBay auctions. I'm sure there are other factors too, I just don't really feel like looking them up. I've been on the lookout for a Gary Sanchez or Manny Banuelos, and today I finally scored a Sanchez for $2.02. Seems like a decent deal. I'll probably hold on to it for the near future, but I might have it shipped to me to add to my collection.

Do any of you guys use eTopps? What do you use it for? Since I'm unsure of how I'll use it, I'd love to hear what you use it for and how it's benefited your collection or added to the enjoyment of the hobby for you.


  1. Nice grab considering this card was probably 5 to 7 dollars with it's IPO. I have a couple eTopps in hand and there pretty snazzy. I've been getting in on IPO's for a few years now. The only bad thing is seldom do the cards retain their value from the original purchage price, but it is Topps offering a limited edition card. Getting these things shipped to you is pricey as well.

  2. I love etopps, but it definitely takes time to figure out the subtleties and nuances. The points system is a key piece to master. you can end up getting cool free stuff or other etopps cards. or at a minimum you can use them to pay for shipping, which, as cynicalbuddha said, can get pricey.