Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TTM Failure: Mason Williams

I figured I'd do something different and post a TTM failure. It's easy to post the successes, but with every TTM request I send, there is always the risk of failure. Many times, there is no response and the card is lost forever. Other times, the card is returned unsigned with a price list. In this instance, my card was returned unsigned with no explanation.

I sent this request to Mason Williams in care of the Staten Island Yanks. Mason was a 2010 fourth rounder and is a good outfield prospect. I was excited to try to add his autograph on a nice 2011 Bowman Chrome.

My self address stamped envelope was returned, so I was excited that I possibly had a new Yankee autograph of a Yankees prospect. However, once opened, I found my card and letter both returned, unsigned. I was disappointed, but at least I got the card back.

I'm not sure what to think. A few reasons for the failure may be:

1. He signed some Bowman cards for a 2011 insert set, so maybe he is contractually obligated not to sign this card.
2. With the fake sigs on the Bowman cards, maybe he thought he already signed it.
3. It was an accident. These guys get a lot of mail, and maybe he simply forgot to sign the card.
4. He doesn't sign fan mail and a clubhouse attendant returned the card.

I'm still a Mason Williams fan and wish him well. Maybe I'll have the chance to get his auto down the road.

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