Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TTM Success: Danny Tartabull

In the early '90s, there wasn't much to cheer about for Yankees fans. They always had good players, but never managed to do much with them. One player I was fond of was Danny Tartabull. He hit HRs, drove in runs, and wore cool wrap-around shades...one of the first to do so! Looking back at his stats, he was a pretty good player. Decent BA for a power hitter and a good OBP to boot. He struck out a bit too much though. Anyways, he really was a key member in turning the bad Yankee teams around from 1993-1995. Unfortunately he didn't get a chance to play playoff baseball with the Yanks. The strike took away a sure playoff berth in 1994 and then he was traded at the 1995 deadline for Ruben Sierra.

Tartabull signed a few more cards than this for me. I actually asked him to keep a bunch for himself and he signed them all.

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