Monday, April 11, 2016

Blog acknowledgement from Ty Hensley

A few weeks ago, I sent a TTM request to Ty Hensley at the Yankees spring training complex. As you probably know, Ty is one of my main PC guys and I actively collect his cards.

I've always knows him to be a great person, and have been fortunate enough to interact with him on Twitter a couple times. When he still had an account, he followed me, which was cool. Ty's mom, Marci, still checks out a few of my Tweets here and there. Marci was kind enough to do a blog interview for me a few years ago. Click here to read it if you missed it.

I have plenty of Ty Hensley autos, but I decided to drop him a note with a few cards in it, and included a few cards for him to keep and give out to family and friends. Ty was nice enough to return five cards signed - all cards I didn't have him previously sign for me.

In my note, I also wished him the best in his recovery from Tommy John surgery, and after my name signed "The Lost Collector." Obviously Ty took the time to read my letter, because this accompanied the cards:
How cool is that? A hand-written note, acknowledging the blog, that came along with five signed cards! It's a blog and collecting highlight for me, no doubt. It just shows the type of guy he is, and I really hope he has a great year once he takes the mound again. He deserves it.

Here are the cards that came back signed as well.
I already have the 2013 Bowman Draft rainbow, so I guess I have to add these last three TTMs to that, eh?

Ty, you are the man, and small actions like this really make me glad I've continued to collect your cards. I know you'll be back and better than ever this summer. Good luck this season!


  1. Always extra rewarding when you get a shout out. Congrats on the new Hensley auto!

  2. That's awesome man, hope that Glavine gives a shout-out about my blog sometime :-))

  3. That is really cool. Congrats! I'm sure nobody I write about is even aware Cardboard History exists, lets alone reads it, LOL.

  4. Wow, Ty seems like a really nice guy. You must be on cloud nine right now after receiving that note. I know I would be! Congrats!

  5. Ty's one of the best guys in the organization. It breaks my heart to see all of the shit (sorry for the language) that's been sent his way. At this point you might as well sent him your entire rainbow and have them all signed lol.

    Congrats on the cool autographs and note.