Thursday, April 14, 2016

SuperTraders #8: Junior Junkie

It's well-known by now that Junior Junkie had a mini Junkie. The man was smart enough to get his affairs in order before the baby came, which meant a massive amount of #SuperTraders packages went out. Lucky for me, I was one of ‘em.

Tony Burbs recently called out the fact that these old Pacific Crown diecuts tend to look like brass knuckles. I definitely agree.
At the time, this was my first taste of 2016 Donruss. I think they are fine, but very similar to last year's design. It’s not a good sign when you get a new card and have no clue if it’s from 2015 or 16.
JJ’s relic and auto game was strong in this package. The Jim Bouton Golden Age auto is super cool, and I would never turn down a Moose jersey swatch.
Classic Topps right here.
I had never seen this set from 2013 Hometown Heroes. The “Hometown Rivalry” set is interesting, but it really doesn’t work very well when you cannot use team marks or names. New York Baseball Club vs New York Baseball Club. I know what they are trying to do, and I think it’s neat, it just doesn’t work with their limitations. Even if they used color photos that would have helped.
This mini Jim Abbott is really cool. It’s from Humpty Dumpty snack foods, which I admit I’ve never heard of and had to Google. The card is still in the cellophane. I’m guessing it was a prize in a snack package?

I like this Mattingly from Topps Trubute. The purple is actually pretty cool, and I like the shot of him catching a fly ball. I have so many cards with Mattingly’s sweet lefty swing, that this is nice change of pace.
One thing JJ always takes care of me is with his Tinos!

Lastly, I think he must’ve sent me most of his Mariano Rivera collection. I counted 17 different Riveras! Pretty sweet.

TJ, thanks for the great package, and I hope Trip is doing well!

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