Friday, April 15, 2016

SuperTraders #9: A Cracked Bat

I recently got a PBE (plain brown envelope) from Julie over at A Cracked Bat, and it was packed with some pretty awesome cards, including the lovely one above.

I know Julie definitely pays attention to my PCs, as she sent me some sweet Phil Rizzuto cards. I needed three of the four, and it put my over 60 unique Rizzutos in my small Scooter PC.
A couple of more guys I collect in Tino and Betances.
This was my first chance at seeing 2016 Spring Fever. I’m a little confused by the design. First off, it feels less premium than the last few years. No shine or anything, which isn’t mandatory, but the card also feels a bit flimsier than the past few years. Additionally, nothing about the design yells “spring training" or "time for baseball!" The design of the last few years were full of palm trees, cactus, and bright, warm colors. This feels a bit cold and…is that snow in the lower left? The orbs aren't really very spring-like either. I’m all for a set like this, and I really liked the designs of years past, but this came up a little short. Still, I really enjoy receiving these in trade packages because I don’t have any other means to track these down.
Collector’s Choice SE really brings me back. It wasn’t much different than the flagship set except for the foil logos. I also feel like this might have come out first in 1995, but don’t quote me on that. All I know is Collector’s Choice was a staple for me growing up.
More 2016 Donruss. I’m impressed by how many bloggers seemed to bust Donruss ins some capacity. I really like the Rated Rookie cards this year. It’s a clean design that looks good.
And speaking of rookies, here’s a really nice Refractor of Yankees 2015 first rounder Kyle Holder. Known as a defensive wiz, Holder actually had three errors in last night’s game in Charleston. Not sure what happened there.
Julie, Tigers are headed your way soon. Thanks so much for a great PBE. Do you think “PBE” will catch on?


  1. I completely agree with your sentiments on the Spring Fever set - snow on a spring-themed trading card?? Weird.

  2. "Known as a defensive wiz, Holder actually had three errors in last night’s game in Charleston. Not sure what happened there."

    Just goes to show that you can't predict baseball Susan.

  3. Agreed on the Spring Fever set. They had a good thing going and ... dropped it.

    As for Donruss, keep waiting for me to bust it in any capacity.