Tuesday, April 5, 2016

TTM Success: Chase Headley

Woo! I didn't expect to get this one back, so I was surprised when it fell out of the envelope. I didn't let myself cheat. You see, I've been putting the initials of the player on my return envelope, so if the envelope shows up open/crumbled/empty like it did twice last year, I'd at least know who it was coming back from.

But that makes it hard to be surprised now, and that's no fun! So if I see SASE, I quickly turn it over and open it in a way where I can't see the initials. I've been very good about not cheating!

Anyways, Chase Headley was a great TTM signer with the Padres, but upon his Yankees tenure, became fairly unreliable. I know for a fact I sent to him last ST without a success. So it was nice to see this come back.

Headley is a fine player - solid, not spectacular. Had the yips a bit last year, so hopefully that's gone this year. He's ok at the plate, although I wish he brought a little more power to the plate as a corner infielder. It's hard to believe he once led the NL in RBIs. If he can hit .270 and approach 20 HRs while playing in over 150 games, I'll be happy. The backup 3B situation isn't pretty, and he needs to stay on the field.

Thanks, Mr. Headley!

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