Saturday, April 16, 2016

SuperTraders #10: Waiting Til Next Year

First off, P-Town Tom had a major score at estate sale recently. He was the only person there for three hours, which meant he basically had his own card show. I’m not sure if the cards he sent me in this #SuperTraders package were from that, and if not, I hope he finds it in him to set aside some mid 90s Yanks for me! And a very happy 5th blogging anniversary to Tom. Go check out his contest!

This package had a little of everything, and Tom even mentioned “sorry for the junk wax.” While Tom may see junk wax, I see TTM requests!

Tom led off with some autos – both certified and either IP or TTM. I will say that I’ve almost bought this Edwar Ramirez auto several times, but never pulled the trigger. Turns out I didn’t need to! Those Jose Gil minor league auto is pretty cool too!

There was a whole bunch of 1975 SSPC cards as well. At the top was a player named Otoniel Velez. Won’t lie, I’ve never heard of him, which makes me like the card that much more!
These are simply awesome! The McDowell is easily my favorite.
Tom definitely busted some Stars & Stripes, as he sent me a nice chunk of James Kaprielian and Robert Refsnyer cards. I can’t get enough Kaprielians…he looks like the real deal. Just struck out 9 in his first start of the year in Tampa. Something tells me Trenton is in his near future. The Refsnyder Diamond King is pretty cool too.
Tom, congrats on a great 5 years! Thanks for the package!


  1. That package was non-estate sale cards, but no worries, I'll set some Yankees aside for you!
    Glad you like the cards and thanks for the plug!

  2. Looks like a nice stack of SSPC's! I did a double take on Otoniel Velez until I realized that everybody knows him better as Otto Velez. He appeared on at least one card as a Yankees rookie, but he was taken by the Blue Jays in the expansion draft, and appeared on a bunch of cards with the Jays.

  3. Nice package from PTT. I'm jealous of the Kontos.