Thursday, April 28, 2016

Commute with me

Right now, I'm commuting home from my job in NYC. I live about 15 miles from the city, but the bus ride takes about an hour, give or take. Therefore, I am currently in the Lincoln Tunnel using the Blogger app (no clue if the format will be off) and taking you along for the ride.
I live in one of the few NJ towns outside of NYC without a train station, which is why I am on the bus. It's nice to not have to deal with crazy Penn Station, although Port Authory is no cup of tea. 
Most nights on my ride home, I have a row of seats to myself. Tonight there is an emo-looking girl to my left. She's kind of cute in a weird way so that's better than the usual 7-foot guy who likes to sit next to me taking up all my space. 
She just whipped out her Mac Book and has a Bernie Sanders sticker on it. She would.  
Ok, I am now out of the tunnel and on 495. It'll be smooth sailing until the normal Newark bottleneck on 280. 
<Quick break to submit a daily fantasy lineup for tonight because I'm now in NJ and I can do that here>
The man behind me definitely smokes. I know it's a choice and I'm sure some bloggers do. No judgment other than be considerate of how bad you smell when/if you take public transportation. This guy reeks of smoke and it's not enjoyable for any of us. 
In the morning, there is this lady in a purple puffy coat who always gets on the bus first, no matter when she gets to the stop. It pisses me off. It's not even a matter of "ladies first" because she budges in front of other women. I was there before her today and I cut her off and got on first. It felt great. 
It just started sprinkling. Good thing the  Yankees don't have a game tonight where they can score 2 runs and get bad starting pitching. 
It feels like this post is long, but I bet it's just the app tricking me. 
I just passed about 12 geese sitting in a roadside puddle. Are they really that dumb? They could fly 5 miles in any direction and be in a lake, river, or the ocean. Idiots. 
I'm going to wrap this up. Thanks for commuting with me. 
P.S. These cards are from a recent COMC purchase. 


  1. Hey man, your comnent on the app triggered me as i can use one of those to get my postings up, whats the name of the app and are you happy with it ?

    1. It's just the Blogger app. I've used it twice. Works ok for a simple post, but doesn't give you any formatting options.

  2. I felt as though I was right there on the bus with you - thanks for the imagery-filled ride!

    Oh and those are some pretty sweet cards too, especially the Lasers.

  3. Cool post! I need a smartphone so I can work on posts while commuting on the train. Thankfully it's only about 25 minutes for me each way, but that still adds up to a few wasted hours each week.

  4. PACIFIC!!!!!!! That is a pretty brutal commute. I've always been fortunate to live close to my work. I think if I had that much time I would spend way too much money on eBay and getting mad at people for not playing their Words With Friends so I can take my turn.

  5. Stupid geese! I've fiddled with the app on my iPad and didn't like it. After seeing how successful your post is... maybe I should give it another shot.