Monday, April 4, 2011

Diamond Giveaway rookie here - your thoughts and observations?

I wasn't around to participate in the MCG, so the Topps Diamond Giveaway if my first experience with unlocking cards and virtual trading. I just logged on for the first time since unlocking some cards a few months ago. I have two 1988's (which no one will want, trust me) and two 1974 cards. Neither is particularly good, but I do have some trade offers for both. Mostly, it's an 1980's common for one of my 1974's. I'll probably decline, but I wanted to ask your experiences and strategies. What worked best when offering or considering trades? Was it mostly a common for a common from sets around the same years? Did packaging cards together tend to work to land a better card? I don't expect anyone to share their personal strategies...mostly just observations on how it worked the first time around for those of us (or just me) who participated in the MCG.

I also have a four rings, and someone accepted my offer for a Yankees ring and a Reggie Jackson ring. The problem is now that I have a Yankees ring and I have 40 offers for it every time I long on...but I want to keep it. I'm a Yanks fan. Is there a way to make a ring (or card for that matter) off limits? I don't want to sort through hundreds of offers for my Yankee ring everyday.


  1. If there is a way to make a card or ring off limits,I would like to know that myself! I just checked and have 160 offers right now. Mostly for the Yankees and Babe Ruth rings.I have 20 rings all different through trading.The ring trading was pretty easy until I ran out of duplicates.

    My plan in MCG was to get all Cleveland Indians.I managed to do that but only had about 25 total cards.I tried to offer a better card than what I was asking for whenever I could.That seemed to work, but I didn't try to get any really valuable cards.A lot of people offered me multiple cards but they were never cards I really wanted.I tried that a couple times and had no luck either.

  2. I just got an offer from Abner Doubleday! He offered me Frank Robinson for the Giants. I already have Frank and only one Giant ring. That's a decline. I have studied a lot of baseball history and I really thought Abner died a long time ago !

  3. The way I do trades is check the offers daily and accept multiple cards for a single card I have to build up my numbers. Example, I got a 1977 Luis Tiant that I wasn't going to have shipped and was offered 2 1977s and a 1978. I accepted and now I will have more to trade for a good card(s) later. Even the 1987s and 1988s have value because you can bunch them into trades as a volume deal toward the end. That's what I did with MCG, I bundled all of my junk with a 1977 common and got a 1976 Larry Parrish rookie cup card I needed.

    It's all about fun, especially if you ignore the offers of the 1987 Bip Roberts for some 1952 card.

  4. By the way, if you manage to score a Mantle ring, don't trade that one away. Apparently that one is the instant-win equivalent, like getting a Boardwalk game piece when playing McDonald's Monopoly.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Jack - still no idea how to make something off limits. I now have Yanks, Ruth, Gehrig, Reggie...and about 200 offers. Sigh.

    Johnny - good call. Great advice.

    Todd - good call on the Mantle. I can't imagine I'll come across one, but if I do, it's going no where.