Monday, April 11, 2011

Diamond Giveaway - two trades made

I made my first two trades in the Topps Diamond Giveaway (unless you count rings as trades). The first trade was one that I offered:

I traded a 1974 Jim Merritt for a 1975 Rick Dempsey. No real method here, just figured a a Yankees card from the mid '70s was more valuable of a trade chip than the Merritt. If I can upgrade to an earlier 1970s card or late 1960's card, I'll be happy.

The second trade was offered to me and I accepted it, well because it was crap for crap. And I figure anyone who wanted my card must have really wanted it to even go as far as requesting it. I received a 1991 Topps Hensley Bam Bam Meulens for my 1988 Ivan Calderon.

Not big trades, but still fun to move two cards.


  1. Sounds similar to someone who actually wanted my 1988 Allen Anderson and game me a 1989 Gary Carter. I figured, why not?

  2. I made a few similar trade offers when MCG first started before I realized the shipping cost of each card. I was trading for mostly 1990s and 2000s cards, luckily I was able to flip all of them for 1 68 and 1 76 toward the end of the giveaway.

    I will probably do something similar this year. I just traded 1 1977 Luis Tiant for 2 1977s and 1 1978. I will try to collect as many junk cards and such as I can then create bigger trade piles for a few good older cards.

  3. The only way I'll redeem is if I end up with a pretty old Yankee card, or a Diamond Die Cut Yankee. Otherwise, it's cheaper to buy on eBay/Sportlots.